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Welcome to Ajara Spin

Two ardent social workers Late Mr. Kashinath Anna Charati and Late Mr. Madhavrao Deshpande had been working hard for social, educational and economic development of this region. Ajara Taluka is situated in rural Area of Kolhapur district.This conceived an idea of starting co operative spinning Mill under the policy announced by the Maharashtra State Government  in the 8th five year plan to encourage setting up of co operative spinning Mill  by providing  Government  equity in the ratio of 1:9 ( members equity : State Government equity.)The spinning  Mill  was registered in the year 1979. Initially the project cost was 26.00 crores  and Matching  members equity of Rs. 145 Lakhs  was collected by the promoters from the members who are spread over the Kolhapur District which is the jurisdiction of the society.

Initially the State Government has sanctioned and disbursed a part of the Government equity. From the fund available the management of the mills commenced the work of building construction. However afterwards further funds was halted. The necessary additional equity was collected by the management . The implementation of the project thus started in real sense in the year 2007 – 08.The spinning mill with a capacity of 9072 spindles went in to full three shifts working in May 2009.
 These 9072 spindles project was established only from the equity   collected. No loans ware any Financial Institute or Bank. Right from the first day the quality of the yarn produced has been amongst the best in the market. The productivity is also amongst the highest.The mill has established its brand in the market by name " Ajara spin".

We dedicate our walkway to the great visionary personalities of Ajara, who laid the foundation this organisation. A way they were dreaming about this organization was really ahead of the time. Today, we are glad to follow their footprints. The blissful way they have shown will certainly lead us towards the golden era of Ajara and its vicinity.

Shri. Kashinath Anna Charati
Founder Chairman

Shri. Madhavrao Deshpande
Founder Vice-Chairman

Garment Unit : A smalll step, a giant leap

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